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Our company is continuously expanding our healing salons all over Japan through our special healing service by using foot-Sugiyama Ashigi Method.

Sugiyama Ashigi Method is provided by our Company's healing salon. The essence of this method is to use different parts of the feet to apply appropriate pressure on customers' bodies. The main function of this special massage is to recall the healing power inside human bodies.

Bamboos would be used by technicians to prevent excess pressure from technicians' feet which may apply on customers' bodies. Customers need not to take deep breath as a measure to moderate the excess pressure that comes from the stepping.

Appropriate pressure from the heel of feet could prevent any painful feelings may occur to customers. Customers can relax and enjoy the whole services.
Also, Traditional hands massage would do harm to massage technicians's hands after frequent services performed while our technicians from Sugiyama Ashigi Method are free from any burden by using their feet to perform. This special method can free the technicians from the burden of hand tiredness so they can provide constant and high quality services to customers.

We have Professional School all over Japan and to take up with our graduates's future.

We are listening to customers's feedback and try our best to develop into a integrated salon with all healing

Company Profile

Established Date 2001-12-18
Capital 85,000,000yen
Chief Executive Officer Daisuke Sugiyama
Head Office Healing Entertainment Building
914-2 Ojima Yaizu-shi Shizuoka 425-0066 JAPAN
description of business Operating of Healing Salon and Healing School
Exploring new business related to healing business.
Selling of Healing Products.

Seeking Business Partner

With the hope of coping with different customers' need, we are looking for business partners for any kinds of cooperation. Please contact us if you have any interest.

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